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3 Steps to Your Seasonal Swapout

3 Steps to Your Seasonal Swapout

Its almost spring time and that means it’s time to start planning your wardrobe’s seasonal swapout! Here are some steps to help you tackle this seasonal task with ease.

1. Separate unused garments.To begin the swapout process, you must start by separating your winter clothes from your spring and summer garments. Big winter jackets, heavy sweaters and thick scarfs have no place in your springtime wardrobe. Begin taking all of these garments out of your closet, making a pile of items that need to be washed. Although you are transitioning your wardrobe into warmer weather, it’s always best to leave out a few light jackets and sweaters just in case the weather is unexpectedly cool.

2. Wash before your store. Next, and probably the most important thing to do when swapping out your seasonal clothes is to always wash them before you store them. If clothes are put into storage dirty, they could stink and stain in irreversible ways or worse, they could attract insects. Take the pile of dirty winter garments straight to the laundry room. You wouldn’t put dirty clothes back into your clean closet, and you definitely don’t want to store dirty winter clothes away for the next few months.

3. Store in a safe place. Where you store your clothes matters. The last step in your seasonal swapout, is to find a safe storage area for your clothes. A cool, ventilated space is best for storing seasonal items. You do not want your clothes to be exposed to high temperature, or extreme moisture or sunlight, which can all be damaging to your garments. The safest storing space for your clothes would be in a stack-able bin on top of your closet, under your bed or in a guest room.


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