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How Clutter Can Bring You Down & How to Fix It

Stressed mom in cluttered living room

Having clutter in your home is always frustrating. It makes it hard to find important objects, and it can prevent you from keeping the house clean and organized. However, it is a surprising yet little-known fact that clutter can have a serious impact on your physical health. See some common health problems due to excess…

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Making the Most of What’s Left of Summer

Does it feel like summer came and gone here in Charleston? Officially, we still have a few more weeks. Here’s how to make it count. Late Summer Organization It’s not too late to tackle any organization and storage projects you have in mind. It’s actually a perfect time to get a Murphy bed estimate before…

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Study Spaces for Kids

With Charleston area schools back in session, it's a smart idea to make sure your kid's study environments are the best they can be. This will help them throughout the academic year, and help set them up for success. Here are some of our top tips when it comes to creating study spaces for kids. …

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Top Kid Closet Organization Tips

Custom closet for kids Charleston, SC

Custom closets are one of our specialties! It’s always fun for us to help a family get organized in their home. Here are some of our top tips when it comes to organizing kid’s closets.  Mind Placement Smaller kids can have trouble putting things away if it’s out of reach. Keep bins and drawers at…

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Top Custom Closet Accessories

Custom closet accessories in Charleston

Custom closets don’t have to end with cabinets, drawers, rods, and shelves! Find out how you can personalize your closet with helpful accessories from the Charleston closet experts at More Space Place. Lighting Proper lighting can help set different moods and help you locate items with ease. We typically install built-in lighting with our wall…

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Murphy Bed & Custom Closet Wardrobe in Downtown Charleston

We’re proud to serve customers throughout the area, including Charleston. This recent install was fun for us as we were able to help maximize space in multiple rooms. Let’s start off with the new Murphy bed.  Murphy Wall Bed Our clients in downtown Charleston wanted to have an extra room for guests without building a…

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Murphy Bed vs. Sofa & Wall Bed: Which One is Best?

Both wall beds and sofa panel beds enable you to maximize space in a small room and/or use a guest room for more than one purpose. However, there are differences between these two popular wall bed models. Following is an overview of the differences between them so you can make a well-informed decision regarding which…

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Custom Closet Design: Open vs. Closed Shelving

We’re ending the debate on what’s been heating up recently in the world of custom closets: open versus closed shelving. Learn why one or the other may be right for your space from the local Charleston and Mount Pleasant experts at More Space Place! The Case For Open Shelving Open shelving and hanging areas can…

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Fascinating Facts About Storage & Stuff

If you feel like you simply don't have enough space in your home to accommodate all your belongings, you aren't alone. It has been estimated that 10% of all Americans rent offsite storage space despite the fact that the average home size has tripled over the last 50 years. You'll find a few more interesting…

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Ways to Relax this Spring

As we ring in spring, we know that it can be hectic as the school year nears towards the end and the energy can make us feel like we need to do more. Take some time with More Space Place of Mount Pleasant to find some ways to make sure you work in a few…

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