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Why Custom Closets Are the Solution To Your Storage Problems

Myrtle beach custom closet wardrobe lift accessory

Have you ever said, “I can’t find anything to wear?” Do you constantly misplace items in your closet? Or maybe it feels like you can’t you're always running late in the mornings. If you relate to any of these scenarios, don’t worry. We’ve heard it all from our Myrtle Beach area clients! If you seem to…

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Spotlight on Reach-In Closets

Closets come in many different shapes, sizes, and homes. And the homeowners we work with all have varying needs and budgets. Today, we’re here to focus on the reach-in closet system. Although these closets have limited space compared to spacious walk-ins, it doesn’t mean that you can’t apply similar design elements. Let’s look at these…

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Translating Your Personal Style To Your Home

Swatches and sketch for home design

You have style, but your home looks like bland without any personality. Look to your own personal style to get inspiration when decorating. The designers at our Myrtle Beach location have all the tips you need when you’re trying to inject style to in your home whether it's for a storage project or a full home…

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Tips to Create a Multi-Functional Room

If you’re short on space, such as in a condominium or townhome, creating a multi-purpose room can help you make the most of every square foot. Finding clever solutions will give you the chance to use a room for multiple functions without having to do lots of demolition or construction. Find some creative solutions below…

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Closet Organizers: Top Tips for Summer

Organizing your closet for the summer months in Myrtle Beach is easy. Find out how you can easily and efficiently store your items for the summer season with More Space Place in Myrtle Beach. Do a little maintenance As you bring items out from storage, do a little maintenance to bring them back to life.…

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Closet Design: Common Color Schemes

It’s another edition of our closet design series! In this edition, we’ll be talking about all things color when it comes to designing a new closet system. We’ll break down a few common color schemes with some examples, so keep on reading to see if there’s a design that would work in your home. Classic…

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How to Curate Your Wardrobe When Packing for Vacation

Closing overflowing suitcase

It can be difficult to pack when you're going on vacation, especially if you're trying to limit how much you take. At More Space Place, we’re all about helping you make things easier when it comes to storage and organization. See how to curate your wardrobe and make packing easier with these tips! Research Before…

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Fostering Productivity in Your Garage

Garage storage system Myrtle Beach

Summer is here! With the change in seasons, your garage may see more activity as family adventures and home projects could increase. If your garage is a mess, it could be having an effect on how much you use your garage and what you can do in it. Read on for ways to maximize space…

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Custom Closet Design: Worst Things You Can Do

Walk-in closet with island Myrtle Beach

In another edition of our custom closet design series, we’re coming at it in a whole new angle with a list of the worst things you can do. Be sure to take careful notes to avoid these situations for a more successful closet remodel. Going in Blind Not doing your research can cause you major…

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Tips for a Distraction-Free Working Environment

As the days get longer, it can become harder and harder to focus at work. This is especially true if you work from home. Read on for tips to create a distraction-free work environment from the experts at More Space Place in Myrtle Beach. Get Organized A clean and focused mind starts with an organized…

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