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Custom Closet Design: Worst Things You Can Do

Walk-in closet with island Myrtle Beach

In another edition of our custom closet design series, we’re coming at it in a whole new angle with a list of the worst things you can do. Be sure to take careful notes to avoid these situations for a more successful closet remodel. Going in Blind Not doing your research can cause you major…

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Tips for a Distraction-Free Working Environment

As the days get longer, it can become harder and harder to focus at work. This is especially true if you work from home. Read on for tips to create a distraction-free work environment from the experts at More Space Place in Myrtle Beach. Get Organized A clean and focused mind starts with an organized…

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Custom Closet Design: Hardware & Accessories

It’s another edition of our custom closet design series where we talk all things custom closet design! Today, we’re focusing on hardware and accessories. Even though these items are often left off until the end of a closet remodel, they should be chosen with care for a complete package. Many closet accessories can even help…

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Spring Refresh: Entry & Exit Points

Elegant front door and entryway

Feel renewed in your home by tending to the entry and exit points of your home. These key areas can easily be overlooked when you don’t typically spend a lot of time in these areas. However, this area is often a place to hold coats, keys, mail, backpacks, and even a place to greet guests…

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Unique Office Configurations that Maximize Space

From paperwork to bulky printers and fax machines, or even just a place to keep basic office supplies, a home office is often shoved into a spare bedroom. In order to foster productivity and make sure that space is used to its fullest, it’s key to make sure that everything has a place and that…

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Sports Equipment Storage & Organization

From swim goggles and beach pails, baseball mitts to lacrosse sticks, storing all of your family's (usually dirty and smelly) sports equipment can be tricky. Your Myrtle Beach experts are here to help with all of your storage needs. Keep reading to find out some solutions to your storage problems.  Jerseys and Uniforms Use tall…

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Custom Closet Design: Understanding and Choosing Finishes and Colors

Custom closets help us keep our clothes organized and increase our home's value. But navigating the world of custom closet design can be tricky. In this edition, we’re here to help you make sense of all of the finishes and colors available to you.  What’s in a Finish? A cabinet finish is what is applied…

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Custom Cabinetry Project in Myrtle Beach

Space can often go unused and go to waste when not utilized properly. However, it may be difficult to know what can be done, especially if it doesn’t fit into a typical project area or room. In order to help our customers in this project, we created a wall of custom cabinets in the master…

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Spring Closet Organization

A new season is often a signal of change. Use this change in spring to bring organization and change to your wardrobe. Read on for more tips from the Myrtle Beach experts at More Space Place. Edit, Edit, Edit Editing your possessions is key to creating a wardrobe that you love wearing and that stores…

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Organizing and Cleaning the Laundry Room

Custom laundry cabinets and organizers

The laundry room can is often a hidden workhorse in a home since it offers more than a place to do laundry. It can be used as an additional food storage area or as another entrance to your home. Give this area a little bit of extra attention this spring by completing these tasks. CLEANING…

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