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10 Organization Tips to Make Life Simpler

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Organizing your home is a big undertaking. Trying to do it all at once can add stress that you don’t need. Try out these 10 organization tips to make your home transformation and your life simpler!

1.    Add a tension rod under your sink to hang spray bottles and cleaning supplies

2.    Add small wire baskets to the inside of your closet to hold scarves, clutches, etc.

3.    Place detailed labels on every basket, box, and container so you always know what’s in each one.

4.    Use plastic clips from bread bags to label electrical cords on a power strip so you never unplug the
wrong cord.

5.    Use labeled plastic bins to organize your freezer by food type.

6.    Add towel racks to the inside of your cabinets to hold lids for pots and pans.

7.    Use special hangers designed for pants and ties to store craft ribbon.

8.    Use a plastic cereal storage container as a small trash can for your car.

9.    Divide pantry shelves into sections using small tension rods.

10.    Add a silverware organizer to bathroom drawers to house hair accessories and beauty products.

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