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3 Home Improvement Projects To Tackle This Summer

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A well-designed contemporary closet

Summer is a time for relaxing outdoors and going on trips, but also for tackling goals and projects around the house. This summer, why not take a problem area in your home and turn it into a stylish, functional space? Check out our ideas below for areas to upgrade in your home. If you’re ready to get started with any of these projects, the experts at your local More Space Place are here to help!

Upgrade Your Closet

Is there a closet in your home that looks outdated, never stays organized, or doesn’t meet your storage needs? Whether you’re thinking of the closet in your bedroom, your child’s room, or the hallway, it’s time to upgrade to a beautiful custom closet.

If you work with closet experts to identify your storage needs, they’ll design cabinets, shelves, and cubbies that are perfect for storing your items. You can also choose to add features like jewelry drawer inserts and belt racks for storing accessories. Choose from a variety of color schemes and finishes to create a stunning, modern look that suits your style.

Reorganize Your Pantry

If your pantry is in disarray or you can never find what you need, start by going through each item. Remove anything that’s expired or you know you’ll never use. Then, take a look at your storage system. Do you have enough storage space and the right kinds of storage for the items you like to stock? If the answer is no, consider customizing your pantry. Work with storage experts to adjust your shelving and add features like baskets, wine racks, spice racks, and hooks. You’ll find that cooking is much easier and more fun with a well-designed pantry!

Revamp Your Garage

If you don’t have a strong storage system in place, there’s a good chance your garage has become a dumping ground. Families tend to store everything from tools to sports gear to holiday decorations in their garage. If you don’t pay attention, clutter accumulates over the years. Start by taking inventory of everything in the garage. Donate or toss whatever you no longer use. Decide if any items should be stored elsewhere in the house. 

Now that you’ve pared down your items, have professionals take a look at your garage and design storage solutions to meet your needs. If you have lots of tools or love to work on projects, a custom workbench is a great option. Pegboards and slatwall panels work well for both tools and sports equipment. Also consider custom shelving and cabinets, which can be used to store almost anything.

Get Started Now!

Contact your local More Space Place this summer to get started on your home improvement project! Let our teams design and build storage solutions tailored to your specifications, so you can relax and enjoy the summer while still upgrading your home. Schedule a free consultation today!