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3 Projects to Check off Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Spring is finally here and it’s time to get around to cleaning those spaces that you’ve been wanting to declutter for so long. We’re all about cleaning and organizing here at More Space Place and we’ve got your back when it comes to your spring cleaning needs! Use our simple tips to get your house into tip-top tidy shape this spring. 

bedroom with storage on side


Closets can quickly become cluttered especially without an effective organizational method. Start by going through your clothes and donating the items you no longer wear anymore. As you empty sections of your closet, take some time to dust and wipe down counters, drawers, and shelves. During this process, you may want to consider ways to maximize your storage space with a custom closet


It’s impossible to get work done when you’re surrounded by a cluttered desk. Get down to business and find an organizational strategy that works for you. Use folders to group paperwork together and don’t forget to label them with key information so that next time, you can easily find what you’re looking for. Shred and recycle documents that you no longer need. Use extension cables to hide any wires and cables that aren’t near any outlets. If your home office is too cramped, More Space Place offers custom home offices that utilize functionality in any room. 


A clean and polished pantry is essential for a smoothly-run kitchen. Go through your pantry and toss any expired products. You can also donate unexpired and unopened items that you no longer need. Give your shelves a good wipe and dust and get rid of any crumbs or fallen chips. Utilize your pantry space by putting food like pasta or rice into containers. This gets rid of excess packaging and makes for a cleaner pantry look. 

Focusing your spring cleaning on these three projects in your home will give your space a fresh and polished look as well as a peace of mind. More Space Place can customize each of these rooms in your home to create a unique and functional space that works for your household. Connect with us by scheduling your complimentary in-home design estimate