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3 Projects to Prepare Your Home for Summer

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With summer just around the corner, you’ll want to tackle a few projects to make sure your home is running smoothly all summer long. Decluttering and implementing organization methods in these three key areas will allow you to maximize the use of your space. It will also put everything in its place so that you’ll spend less time looking for what you need. When it comes to custom built furniture specifically designed with your home and organizational needs in mind, More Space Place has got you covered. Read through our guide for three great projects to prepare your home for this summer.


If your garage is cluttered with seasonal items like camping gear, fishing poles, and bikes, you’re in need of a total garage makeover. Tackle this project by going through the items in your garage and tossing anything that is broken. Donate items you no longer use to clear the space of unwanted stuff. Get everything off the ground by using wall-mounted hooks to hang gardening tools or bikes. Hide away unsightly items with shelves and cabinets. Designate areas in the garage to combine similar gear so that you’ll know where to look next time you’re on the hunt for that one item. 


Summer is the perfect time to rotate your seasonal clothes! Grab your summer clothes like shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, and dresses and put them in areas that are easy to reach. Put away your winter and fall gear and try incorporating storage drawers or shelves higher up in your closet. This allows for more room towards the bottom of your closet, making more space for easily accessible drawers.


If you have kids that will be home all summer, make sure that your kitchen pantry is stocked with everything you need to keep your kitchen running smoothly. Toss any expired food and donate whatever you don’t need anymore. Combine items and place them in areas that make sense for you and your family. Make sure that everyday items are easy to access and that everyone is able to find what they need in your pantry. Labels and baskets are a great way to organize and keep things orderly. 

Completing these three simple projects will make you feel like you and your home are ready for anything this summer. When considering custom storage solutions, contact More Space Place for everything you need. 

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