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3 Reasons You Want a Murphy Bed

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It’s no secret that we LOVE Murphy Beds. But if you don’t own a Murphy Bed, you may be asking, “should I buy a Murphy Bed?” After looking through a few testimonials we’ve received, it was clear why our Murphy Bed customers say these beds are the best investment they’ve made in their home. Here’s why:3 Reasons Murphy Bed

1. Save Spacer! Murphy beds will transform the way you think about the space in your home. Spare, guest or hobby rooms can quickly become a room for storing crafts, workout equipment, Christmas gifts, seasonal clothing and your guests when they come to visit. With a custom-designed Murphy Bed, any room can effectively and comfortably be all of that with room to move! See, with any Murphy Bed, we start with your space. Then create a custom piece around how you plan to use the room. Utilizing built in storage cabinets, hidden nightstands, drawers and fold out desks, we maximize every square inch so you get the most use out of your home.

2. MultiFUNctionial! Murphy Beds take up wall space, not floor space, allowing you to use your room in ways you never thought possible. Our Madison Bi-Fold Bed for example, offers shelving for storage. Our Chesterfield Bed-Over-Sofa piece gives you a bed and a sofa. When the bed is not in use, it folds up easily into the wall, leaving you with a clean, free space to use as you choose. Check out our Cosmopolitan Panel Bed in action HERE!

3. Stylish and Customizable! Not only do these space-saving beds allow for multipurpose rooms, but they’re also a stylish and stunning addition to your space. If you can dream it, More Space Place can create it. From the color and texture to storage, cabinetry and drawer pulls, our designers can help you create the perfect Murphy Bed piece to meet your needs and reflect your personal style. With our CAD software, you can actually see your design before it’s built and installed.

Whether you’re looking to create a more open office or funky and functional bedroom, More Space Place is here to help! Our professional designers are ready to assist you. Find the nearest showroom or call for a complimentary in-home consultation. See, we told you that you wanted a Murphy Bed!