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3 Spaces to Organize for Better Living

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more space place organization tips

more space place organization tipsHere at More Space Place, we know the value of an organized home. When it comes to organizing, many homeowners may not know where to begin, or find the prospect of undertaking a house-wide overhaul too intimidating. If you are in a similar situation, this guide is for you! With improvements to just these three specific areas, your home’s atmosphere can improve dramatically. Read along to learn about our 3-part attack on disorganization.

The Kitchen

First on our list of targets is the kitchen. Kitchens just have a way of getting out of control, and it can be hard to part from your cooking equipment. Of course, our organizational tips have no room for sympathy — if an item is surplus to your neat and tidy kitchen, it’s got to go! Pull everything out of your kitchen cabinets and pantry.

Sort through your belongings, making separate piles of “Must Keep” and “Off You Go.” We recommend avoiding a “Maybe” category because if you’re not sure, then you probably don’t need it. Once you have confirmed essentials like a small number of pots & pans, and key silverware of all necessary types, you have already created significant space.

As a general tip for the future, save fridge space by purchasing groceries only for the week, and performing a weekly cleanout of unnecessary or expired food items. With perishables in the front of your fridge and preserved items in the back, you can make sure you don’t end up with old food taking up space and creating foul odors.

The Bathroom

Our next area to focus on is one that often becomes disorganized and unhygienic very quickly. The tactic here is not so different from the kitchen. Take everything out and organize your toiletries into categories of need. Practically-empty bottles of shampoo, expired makeup, or tiny sample size products should be tossed. Everything else that you need to keep should be stored out of sight below the sink or in a cabinet.

While everything is out of your bathroom, take the opportunity for the deep clean it has been needing! A clean and organized bathroom is an incredible relief for many homeowners. Lastly, get rid of stained or frayed towels and replace them with a nice, plush set to make the bathroom a relaxing place.

more space place organization tips

Bedroom Closet

Apply our standard pattern of removing everything from a disorganized bedroom closet and categorizing it. Use bins to organize what you will keep, donate, store, and toss! Clothes that don’t see much use can probably be removed from your collection. Jeans are a common offender here, where most people will really only need two or three pairs to get through the week.

Fewer clothes means more space, less laundry, and a simpler lifestyle. As an experiment, if you don’t purchase new clothing for several months, you may find you are perfectly satisfied with your existing collection. It will fit snugly into its closet home without a frequent influx of new additions.

More Space Place, Organization, and You

We specialize in renovating homes with our practiced techniques for simpler, organized living. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and get an impression of our custom storage solutions. From Murphy beds to custom drawers and desks, More Space Place provides everything homeowners need to keep life clean and simple. Find a location near you today

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