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3 Ways to Use a Murphy Bed

Jefferson Murphy Bed More Space Place

Murphy beds can make a big difference in the organization, efficiency, and design of your home. Are you interested in turning an underused space into a multipurpose room? Or perhaps, do you find that you can’t comfortably host guests overnight? Allow us to help! The experts here at More Space Place can design custom Murphy bed units that match your lifestyle, your needs, and your budget. Here are a few of our favorite Murphy bed styles that you can use in your home.


Make it a Multipurpose Room

All too often, we hear that homeowners aren’t maximizing the potential of certain rooms in their homes. If you have a single-use spare room, we’d like to step in and transform the way you see the space. Our designs make it possible to organize and use the space as your home office or reading sanctuary, while still having the option to pull down a spare bed when you need it. The Jefferson Library Bed or Madison Bookcase bed offer sleek and spacious storage space for your books, photos, knick-knacks and more, without crowding the possible space for a bed. Simply slide the doors on our easy track system to reveal the bed inside.

Jefferson Murphy Bed More Space Place Jefferson Murphy Bed More Space Place




Say Farewell to the Futon!

We understand that not all homes have the luxury of a spare room, and guests often have to stay on a pullout couch in the living room. However, the Chesterfield bed makes it possible to maintain the elegant look of your space without sacrificing the comfort of your guests! When the bed is not in use, the unit offers easy seating with a cozy two-person sofa as well as shelving for all your possessions. If you have guests spending the night, simply remove the rear cushions and pull down the bed. You never have to move the sofa as the bed is designed to rest perfectly between the arms of the sofa when in use. Furthermore, not only can you customize the unit material, shelving, and bed size, you can also choose from a variety of fabrics we carry to perfectly match the sofa to your personal aesthetic and style.

Chesterfield Murphy Bed More Space Place


Convenient for Kids

If your child has a small room that doesn’t allow for sufficient play space during the day, a twin-sized Murphy bed might be the perfect solution for you. Our simple spring design makes it possible for them to take charge of their bed and easily bring the bed down at night and store it away in the morning. Not only does this maximize the space they have in their room when they need it, but it can also teach them responsibility about keeping their room clean. If the floor is covered with toys, they won’t be able to bring down their bed, encouraging them to establish a cleaning routine every day.

Children's Murphy Bed More Space Place Kids Murphy Bed More Space Place


Ready to customize your own Murphy bed? Get started with a More Space Place team near you and request a complimentary in-home design consultation today!