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4 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

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MSP_Blog_increase-valueWhether you’re selling, considering selling or simply want to improve your home, increasing the value of your home is always a great idea. With tips ranging from inexpensive to an investment, More Space Place has collected the five best ways to increase the value of your home straight from the pros!

1. Keep It Organized:
No one wants to purchase a home that could be featured on Hoarders. A home that is clutter-free appears to be cleaner and larger. These two qualities both increase the value of your home and are attractive to homebuyers. For cost-effective organizing tips, check out MSP’s organization board on Pinterest.

2. Visually Increase Square Footage:
Large homes have more value to homebuyers. To increase the value of your home without expensive construction projects, add custom cabinetry and shelving units to hide your clutter and make a room look larger. Finishes like oak and walnut are great finishes that make a cabinetry unit look more expensive. Choosing a custom unit over a standard unit also ensure that the space can be fully utilized to fit your needs!

3. Create Dual Purpose:
Space is attractive to homebuyers. The quickest way to increase the value of your home is to increase space. By giving a room dual purpose, it’s almost like you are taking a 3-bedroom house and turning it into a 4-bedroom house! Adding unique custom furniture with a Murphy Bed can turn a small home office into a home office and guest bedroom without sacrificing space.

4. Add Garage and Closet Storage:
Custom garage and closet solutions work together to increase the value of your home by keeping your most precious belongings neat and organized. Homebuyers will shell out extra bucks for a unique closet or garage workspace.

Check out some of the fabulous things More Space Place can do for your closet and garage on Pinterest!