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4 Ways to Organize Your Closet Space

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organize closet space by color

Perhaps one of your New Year’s resolutions is to reorganize your closet space, but you’re unsure where to start. With all the various colors, patterns, and styles of clothing in your wardrobe, it seems impossible to arrange it all in an orderly fashion. More Space Place is here to help! Consider these four approaches to successfully organize your items.

organize closet space by color


When you go shopping for new clothes in a department store or boutique, chances are you’ll see apparel organized by color. Brands display their items by color to improve their presentation, and you can do the same to your wardrobe! You may not have pieces with exactly identical coloring, but you can still organize by general groups. This will also help you plan outfits, as you can easily see what items pair well with others. 


apparel organized by clothing items

Besides organizing by color, department stores also organize clothing into item categories. Imagine if you were shopping for a new pair of slacks, but the store didn’t separate their tops and bottoms. You wouldn’t want to dig through the entire store to find the right pair of slacks! In the same way, save yourself time and effort in your closet by categorizing your clothes.


Another useful way to organize your closet is by ergonomics. This organization method focuses on increasing the efficiency of your closet. Think about what order you dress in and arrange your items to match with your routine. For example, if you put on pants before you put on a shirt, store all your pants on the leftmost side of your closet. Next, if you put on a belt before a shirt, then place your belts right next to your pants. Continue this pattern until you reach the opposite side of your closet. Take advantage of our custom closet systems to further enhance the ergonomics of your space.

organize closet with ergonomics in mind


Lastly, it helps to organize clothing by occasion. Chances are you don’t wear the same top to the gym that you wear to the office. And, depending on your company dress code, you may change before heading out for an evening with your friends. Grouping your clothes by occasion can help you get ready faster because all the items you need are conveniently gathered together.

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More Space Place can further help you organize your space by creating a custom closet system. Get started by finding a store near you and scheduling a complimentary, in-home consultation. Or speak to an associate in one of our many showrooms.

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