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5 Essentials When Designing the Perfect Home Office

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Custom home office desk storage
Custom home office desk storage

Creating the perfect home office is a fun and effective way of motivating yourself and reenergizing your work ethic. Whether you’re trying to meet important business deadlines, obtain a master’s degree, or start your own business, More Space Place can help you work more effectively with our custom home office designs. Read on for tips on making the most of your next home office installation.


Comfort is without a doubt the most important aspect of a home office. Finding a quiet and private area of your home is ideal so you are not distracted by conversations or the TV. While dainty antique desks are cute, there’s value in having a desk that provides enough space for your laptop and all your other resources, like notebooks, binders, and textbooks. Lastly, investing in a comfortable office chair that supports your back is necessary if you will be sitting in it for the majority of your workdays.


Having everything you need at your fingertips is a satisfying feeling that ensures you will remain focused as you won’t have to roam your house looking for stuff. More Space Place can help you achieve this with built-in filing cabinets that keep documents in order, drawers for fundamental tools, and shelves to hold resources. To take your home office to the next level, you could even install bookshelves on the wall opposite of your desk to create your own personal library.

Lighting & Color Schemes

Having a well-lit office with lots of natural lighting helps you feel more awake, focused, and creative. As for color schemes, a light home office will provide a clean atmosphere to work in, while one with mahogany tones will create a cozy work environment while looking classic.

Custom home office desk inspiration decor


For people who love the feeling of being organized and productive, planning resources can be incorporated throughout your desk to improve your mood while you work and help you overcome stress. These can include mood boards, desk planners, and small work stations for hobbies.


Incorporate some greenery to bring your office to life and keep your mood up. Simple but effective, this tip is especially helpful on days you would rather be outside over working long hours.

Get Started Today!

More Space Place makes creating a custom home office easy. Visit a showroom near you today to meet with a ready-to-help team of expert design specialists.

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