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5 Health Benefits of Organized Living

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Organized living

Organized livingIt’s no secret that organized spaces tend to look better than messy ones. That’s why you scramble to clean the house every time your parents make a last minute visit. They give off a good first impression and can improve the overall vibe of a room. Organized spaces go beyond aesthetic pleasure and can actually do wonders for your physical and emotional health. If you are considering getting organized but just haven’t yet taken the plunge, consider these key health benefits.

Reduced Stress

Coming home to an organized house can do wonders for reducing stress. The last thing you want to do is spend your evenings surrounded by clutter. Countless studies have shown that stress can cause long-term physical repercussions. These include but are not limited to, heart disease, digestive problems, obesity, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Better Sleep

A clean space free of clutter allows the mind to quiet down for a rejuvenating night’s sleep. Messes are stressful to the subconscious and can impact your sleep patterns. That is why it’s so important to keep your bedroom as orderly as possible. It also helps to make your bed every morning so you have a nice clean slate to come home and immediately relax in. Consider one of our custom closets and start prioritizing the organization of your bedroom!

More Energy/Motivation

Looking to start that hobby you’ve always wanted to try? Give yourself a boost with some organization! With better sleep and reduced stress, you’ll start feeling more energetic and open to trying new things. Also, clearing out any clutter in your storage areas, such as the garage or spare rooms, can open up space to pursue creative outlets.

More Likely to Eat Healthily

The pantry is often one area of the home that lacks organization, but studies show that people in clean and organized environments are more likely to choose fruit as a snack over junk food or candy. When healthy snacks are readily available in an organized pantry, they suddenly become all the more appetizing. Take a look at some of our pantry organization tips to customize a more efficient and accessible space.

More Productive

The daunting task of getting organized can be overwhelming and cause you to end up taking no action at all. A good place to start is with the closet. Not only will you feel more aesthetically at ease, but you’ll spend less time sorting through messes and more time getting stuff done!

Let the experts at More Space Place help you on your journey to a more organized life. Our team of design professionals is dedicated to helping you find the best custom organization solution for your home. We can help with everything from garages to pantries to closets. Start by finding a location in your area.