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5 Spring Cleaning Projects You Can Start Today

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More Space Place Organized Custom Entryway

Over the course of the year, clutter can build up in busy homes. With a warmer season in full swing, it’s time to start checking items off your to-do list and de-winterize your home. At More Space Place, we have solutions for every room in your home. This spring, commit to living in a more organized and tidy space with these easy projects.

1. Step Up Your Mudroom or Entryway

More Space Place - Custom Built Entryway Organizer

The mudroom or entryway in your home sets an important tone. Step into your home on the right foot every time by keeping this high traffic space clean and organized. Implement doormats, and have custom hooks and shelving installed to neatly store jackets and shoes.

2. Clean Out Your Closets

Closets are common places for miscellaneous items from around the home to get buried in. Begin by removing everything and determining whether or not you really need it. After donating unused items, dedicate each closet to a specific function. Keep tools and cleaning items in the utility closet. For closets in the bedroom, avoid storing anything other than shoes, clothing, and accessories. If you’re feeling tight on space, we can work with you to build the custom closet of your dreams.

3. Organize Your Laundry Room and Pantry

More Space Place - Custom Organized Kitchen Pantry

Another common area that gets messy quickly is frequently used spaces such as the laundry room or kitchen pantry. Consider using custom storage bins in the laundry room to keep all cleaning detergents together. For the pantry, always group like items together. This is a great time to go through canned goods you don’t need and donate them.  We offer custom storage solutions for both of these areas of the home. Our design team can implement custom hooks, shelving, and more to help you and your family save time when cooking and doing chores.

4. Revamp Your Garage

Organized Garage Custom Storage

Get the most out of this underutilized space by implementing custom garage storage. Our professional team can help you install custom workbenches, wall cabinets, shelving and more so you can store all your winter items and tools. Revamping your garage will allow you to store more in your home.

5. Kid’s bedroom

Not only will your kids outgrow interest in games and toys, but they also quickly outgrow clothing and even how they utilize their room. Teaching your children to maintain their room is a great life skill. Sit down with them and teach them the art of organizing their room and keeping it clean. Have them go through any games, toys, and electronics to decide whether or not they are still wanted. All unwanted items can be donated to kids in need. Your kid’s and teen’s bedrooms should be a flexible space as they age. Installing a custom Murphy bed is a great solution that saves space and adds a polished feel.

Start Your Spring Projects Today!

Our professionals at More Space Place are happy to assist you with your next home improvement project. We offer high-quality custom-designed storage solutions you’ll love. Get started today!

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