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5 Steps to Make Carrying Away Your Clutter Easier!

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In honor of National Carry Away the Cutter Day, July 21st, More Space Place has compiled a list of 5 simple steps to help you achieve your organization goals without the stress!

1. Don’t become overwhelmed.
Make a list of the tasks that will benefit you the most. Start from the top, in order or importance, and work your way down. Even the simplest of tasks can have an impact on the way your family lives daily. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is an organized home.

2. You’re not Wonder Woman!
There’s no way that you can completely clean out the garage and reorganize your closet in 2 hours. Once you understand this, you can begin setting realistic deadlines. Hold yourself accountable to specific goals and enlist help from your spouse, children, and even neighborhood friends. Offer to pick up the tab on pizza tonight and you’ll be surprised just how much help you can find!

3. No Excuses!
Complete all your goals on or before their deadline. If today’s task isn’t finished then you can’t ‘take a break’ to watch the new episode of CSI—you know you won’t come back! DVR it instead and use that hour to become one step closer to an organized home.

4. You don’t need it Anymore!
Don’t be afraid to let go of items that you haven’t used recently. Experts recommend that you purge your closet every 18 months which means it is way past time to ditch the ABBA T-shirt and parachute pants! Donate gently used clothing to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army or have a yard sale to make some extra cash.

5. Keep it up!
Carrying the clutter away is only half of the battle. Maintaining an organized home around a busy schedule is the real struggle. Have a family meeting where each member makes a commitment to do a few simple things to keep the home neat. Display the pledges on the fridge and make sure everyone is doing their part.

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