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5 Steps to Prep Your Closet for Fall

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It’s that time again. Summer has officially come to a close. With shorter nights and Pumpkin Spice Latte’s a plenty, fall is creeping into our lives and our wardrobes. Before you completely trade in your shorts for sweaters, check out the 5 things you must do to prep your closet for cooler weather:

1. Clean out your closet! This one sounds like a no-brainer. Sort your entire closet into 5 piles: donate, tailor, toss, clean and consign. If you haven’t worn it in at least a year, it’s time to let it go.

2. Store your summer stuff right! There are 3 key steps here:

  • Make sure that every piece of your summer wardrobe has been properly laundered. Take a few hours to repair any loose buttons, unraveling seams or unsightly tears.
  • Pack away all of your clothes in reverse order inside airtight storage containers. Start with the items you wear most in the later summer heat. There’s always a chance you might need to break out your spring pieces early! Make sure you hold back a few lightweight pieces for layering under heavy sweaters.
  • Pack away all summer related items. This includes swimsuits, accessories, sandals and anything else you won’t need access to until Memorial Day. Make sure to toss in a dryer sheet or a piece of cedar to keep everything fresh!

3. Break out the winter garb before you buy! It’s been several months since you’ve seen your scarves and boots. While you were out wearing shorts and tanks, they’ve been cooped up in a container. Give your clothes room to breathe! Air them out and then decide what need to be laundered, dry cleaned or ironed. Make sure to take all of your leather shoes outside and coat them with a layer of leather protecting spray or water-proof wax. This extra step will extend their life in the harsh winter weather.

4. Clean out your closet! Yes, we did say this twice! You have to get rid of what you don’t wear so you have room for all of the latest fall fashion trends. Use your 5 piles to dispose of outdated styles and pieces that do not fit anymore.

5. Call More Space Place! Now that you have all the right clothes, it’s time to have the right closet. Schedule a free in-home consultation and let our designers show you the More Space Place difference!