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A Custom Desk Made Just For You

Custom Organized Desk More Space Place

Custom Organized Desk More Space Place

Here at More Space Place, we understand the role a good desk can play in your life. Whether it’s your study space, your home office, or your creative workstation, the desk needs to fit your needs. If your desk is cluttered, not only does it hamper productive work, but the disorganization and limited functionality can cause adverse emotional experiences. Believe it or not, a clean and streamlined living space is actually better for your psychological health! Let’s take a look at a few of our tips for designing functional custom desks that encourage simple, efficient organization.

Custom desk storage More Space Place

The Home Office

The best workstation takes your personal and unique working requirements into consideration. It will promote productivity and keep you organized. A cluttered desk will only leave you with misplaced papers, stressful working hours, and wasted time. Allow More Space Place to help you keep your desk free and clear with custom storage. 

There are many different design approaches we can take depending on the type of storage and organizational features you need. Drawers or filing cabinets beneath the desk work well to keep papers tidy and easily accessible, while shelves or cubbies are great for bulky items such as printers, scanners, and more. If you want to increase your legroom, we’ll make sure your desk is long enough to account for this as well as optimize the space above your desk in the form of shelves and cabinets. 

The Desk Bed 

A full home office may take up a larger amount of space than some homeowners would like. Especially in homes that don’t have room to spare because it is used to host guests. However, More Space Place specializes in a solution to this problem exactly. We offer custom desk beds for homeowners to turn underused space into multipurpose rooms. 

Our customizable desk beds include all the efficient storage you could need during your work day, with the added benefit of a hidden bed that you can pull down when it’s time for guests to visit. Take back the space in your home and maximize every inch with our easy-to-use, comfortable, and sleek Murphy beds

Finding the Right Fit

Every home is designed differently, every family operates differently, and every telecommuter works differently. Finding the perfect solution for you is about thinking of the ways your furniture can work for you. Whether that’s more filing cabinets, more shelving, more storage, or more comfort, we can create the ideal office for you. 

More Space Place and Your Workstation

We don’t just offer ideas – we turn them into tangible solutions! Contact a More Space Place location today for a free in-home consultation and get started on your own creative journey toward an efficient, organized, and custom space.

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