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A New Kind of Murphy Bed- 2nd Edition

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Last week, we told you about two amazing beds that were changing everyone’s opinion on the Murphy Bed. Both the Cosmopolitan Bed and the Desk Bed are horizontal wall bed systems and are the ultimate space savers. This week, we’re going to school you on the most educated Murphy Beds available- our library beds!

The Jefferson Library Bed

The Jefferson Library Bed is our most presidential bed- and not just because it shares its name with the third President of the USA. The shelves surrounding the wall bed provide ample storage for hundreds of books, collectibles, knick knacks and anything else you want to display! Even when loaded down with your treasures, the bookcase doors effortlessly slide open to reveal a comfy bed.

Jefferson Library Bed – More Space Place from More Space Place on Vimeo.


The Madison Bi-Fold Bookcase Bed

The Madison Bi-Fold Bookcase Bed provides even more storage than its Jefferson twin. The Madison’s bi-fold doors feature six sections of sturdy shelving on the outside of the unit and swing open to display only two bookcases. This unique feature is perfect for a home office because it allows you to quickly hide any items that you don’t wish to display. Keep your files neatly stored on the shelves and then tuck them away when guests are using the room.

Madison BiFold Bed – More Space Place from More Space Place on Vimeo.

More Space Place offers over 2,300 different combinations of styles, finishes and cabinetry. Both the Jefferson Library Bed and the Madison Bi-Fold Bookcase Bed can be completely customized to match your personal style and existing home décor. To learn more about the way More Space Place is revolutionizing the way you save space, visit or find a More Space Location near you.