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A New Kind of Murphy Bed

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The Murphy Bed has come a long way since its creation in 1918. Most people know what a Murphy Bed is but know little else about it. You may have seen a Murphy Bed in the movies or you may been lucky enough to sleep on one while visiting your grandma. What you may not know, is how More Space Place is putting a modern twist on our products and reinventing an old, space-saving standard. Caution: these are not your Grandma’s Murphy Beds.


The Cosmopolitan Bed
The Murphy Bed by definition is a bed that is hinged and stores upright inside of a cabinet or closet. Traditional Murphy Beds store vertically but the Cosmopolitan Bed store horizontally. The Cosmopolitan Bed is perfect if you have a narrow room or a low ceiling.

Cosmopolitan Bed – More Space Place2 from More Space Place on Vimeo.


The Desk Bed
The Desk Bed, one of the most unique Murphy Beds on the market, doubles as a desk by day and a bed by night. This revolutionary bed also features a special balancing mechanism engineered to allow users to effortlessly push down the desktop and reveal a hidden bed in one gliding motion.

The Desk Bed – More Space Place from More Space Place on Vimeo.


More Space Place offers over 2,300 different combinations of styles, finishes and cabinetry. Both the Cosmopolitan Bed and the Desk Bed can be completely customized to match your personal style and existing home décor.  To learn more about the way More Space Place is revolutionizing the way you save space, find a More Space Place location near you.