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A Walk-In, Custom Closet for Any Home

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If you think a custom closet for your home is a dream that’s out of reach, think again! There’s more than one way to skin this particular cat, and like any home improvement you consider, you’ll want to base your choices on the space available, your budget, and the resale value a custom closet project might bring later.

Here are three ways to create the required space in your home for storing clothing, shoes, accessories, and more in the beautiful custom closet you’ve hoped for:

Remove walls, add space. In many cases, a home’s construction will allow for the demolition and removal of walls. This can permit expansion of a master suite, for example, into an adjoining guest room, part or all of which then becomes the custom closet. However, it’s not safe to remove just any wall. Some interior walls bear the weight of structures above, whether it’s an upper floor level or the roof system.

Removing an interior wall to create a walk-in closet is a home improvement project that will likely require the services of a professional contractor. For planning purposes, you can learn the basics by doing an online search. You can estimate the cost for removing a wall the same way.


Add walls, add space. Maybe you’ve determined that the spot for your custom closet will be adjacent to your first-floor bedroom. Here, a small addition to the house might be just the solution.

An addition this size usually can be built on a concrete slab, eliminating the need for deep excavation and the pouring of a foundation. Of course, there are still the framing, insulation, drywall, roofing, and siding to consider, so this method of making custom closet space is a home improvement that comes at some cost. However, if you expand the size of the bedroom at the same time the closet is added, much of the cost of the total added space may well be returned to you upon resale of the home.

custom-closetUse the space you have, add space. The idea may seem counter-intuitive. But it’s not at More Space Place®, where the expression “Make Room For Life™” applies everywhere in the home, closets included. A More Space Place designer can work with an existing closet and, free of charge, produce a plan to make maximum use of the closet space you have. Once the professional installers have completed your custom closet, you’ll be thrilled with the space-saving, attractive result.

Whichever of these home improvement projects you choose in order to create a walk-in closet – interior remodel, exterior addition, or existing closet makeover – More Space Place has the solution you’re looking for!