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Across the USA, Save Space and Add Style with a Murphy Bed

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A truly national company, More Space Place serves customers from stores in more than 30 American cities and towns ranging north, south, east and west. The company prides itself on offering space-saving solutions for all regions. Indeed, when it comes to elegant, practical, space-saving solutions for the home, More Space Place stands apart from the big-box stores offering generic do-it-yourself kits.

A Murphy Bed for Every State in America!

Take the flagship product, the one for which More Space Place is known as the top retailer in America: the Murphy bed. Some call them folding beds and others refer to them as wall beds. Perhaps the various terms even suggest regional origins. Whatever the name, a Murphy bed by More Space Place is designed, built, and installed the same way every time: with quality, durability, and customer satisfaction in mind. Coast to coast, border to border, that’s a More Space Place constant.

What varies, of course, are the tastes and styles prevalent in one area or another – and those are the differences that make purchasing a Murphy bed such a pleasure! For example, maybe you’re a Texas resident who happens to love earth tones. Our store in Houston, Texas might set you up this way:

murphy bed bedroom

What about the family living a few hundred miles east on the beach in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? Brightly-colored wall beds like this one are the perfect way to make accommodations for an overnight guest more comfortable and exciting.

murphy bed twin bed

Space-Saving Elegance, South and North

Or, let’s say you and your spouse are a retired couple enjoying the southern hospitality found in Music City. Our store in Nashville, Tennessee is the place to go for wall beds like this one, a piece that reflects the customer’s discriminating taste and fondness for gracious living.

murphy bed media center

With a New Yorker panel bed, you can combine good looks and practicality in a beautiful home furnishing, to use when that time for sleep does come.

new yorker panel bed

Find a store near you and see the wide variety of Murphy bed solutions More Space Place has to offer, as well as custom closets, custom home office furniture, and other furnishings that will help you save space in your home.