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Adding Closets to Historical Homes

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custom closet with peninsula historical home

Historical homes offer lots of charm and character, but often have some drawbacks. When it comes to closet storage, many historic homes do not have closets since wardrobes and chests were more common. Historic homes can also have zoning or construction limitations. So, what can you do to create storage for all of your clothes? Read on for a few ideas.

custom closet with peninsula historical home

Turn a Room Into a Closet

A historic home might not have a closet. But many historic homes will have more rooms and hallways than modern homes. It’s possible to turn a spare bedroom into a closet with a few modifications, such as adding shelves and cabinets. With design details like toe kicks and upper moulding, those shelves and cabinets can even look like they’re original to your property.

This option is ideal if you are looking to create a dressing room or boutique-style closet. It is also ideal for limiting construction as you will often not need to make large structural changes.

Adding Built-Ins

It is possible to add built-ins into historic homes, but they should be carefully designed and constructed. Wall-mounted storage systems are often very sturdy and secure, but be sure to consult with an expert specialist who will be able to ensure that any built-ins you add are of high-quality.

Built-ins are a great way to maximize space in existing closets that may be smaller than modern standards. They will be customized to your unique needs which will ensure that you’ll use them for years to come. Built-ins can also be created to create a linen closet in a hallway or near a bathroom.

Checking the Requirements

Some historic homes may have special requirements that only permit certain alterations. Some homes in historic neighborhoods for example may have certain limitations to the exterior of your home rather than the interior. Before you commit to any changes, be sure to check your paperwork and read through the details carefully.

Using Wardrobes

Finally, there are ways to get around the issue with closets entirely. You could use wardrobes which is what people did years ago. Wardrobes usually do not offer as much space as a walk-in closet, but customized wardrobes can be built even in the smallest of spaces. Working with an expert, like the designers at More Space Place, can help you maximize your storage space.

Adding a wardrobe may be ideal in guest bedrooms and are often less time intensive than a large remodel that involves tearing down walls.

Get Expert Help

Owning a historic home is a huge undertaking and a great investment. A lack of closet space can be an issue, but by getting creative, you can get the closet space that you need without having to make any huge changes. To create your dream closet in your dream historical home, contact More Space Place today!

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