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Always American Made

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In today’s unstable economy many companies make the choice to outsource the creation and assembly of their products to other countries in an effort to cut costs. As a result, many Americans lose the opportunity to work and make a living. Keeping products here in the United States helps to provide more job opportunities, maintain the integrity of products available, and stimulate the local and national economy. At More Space Place, all of these things are important to us. That’s why all of our products are always 100 percent American made.

From idea development and product testing, to manufacturing and distribution, our 58,000 square-foot facility houses every step of the space-saving furniture process. Our expert designers work tirelessly to stay on the cutting edge of furniture trends and fully test each product to ensure its performance and functionality. Each and every product, and all of its components, is made here at our headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.

We’ve also been recognized for our dedication to employ U.S. veterans. We developed a program called the Veteran’s Transition Plan (VPT) to give our U.S. veterans a remarkable business ownership opportunity. As a part of this program, qualified honorably-discharged veterans can receive an astounding 50 percent discount to start their own More Space Place franchise. We know firsthand that organized, hard-working and dedicated veterans are excellent business owners and operators and continue to be valuable assets to the More Space Place family. American pride is truly part of our work culture.

There is no better place to live and work than America– just ask one of our 210 employees! We are proud of our contributions to both our country and our customers– it’s no wonder that More Space Place is America’s number one Murphy bed retailer! Celebrate America proudly this Independence Day with a new piece of More Space Place space saving furniture!

For more information on opening a More Space Place Franchise or the Veteran’s Transition Plan, visit