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Back To School Organization Tips

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Decluttering the Entryways | Back to School

School brings out different emotions for parents. They are excited to see what their kids will learn each day, but also anxious for them to start strong in their classes. At More Space Place, we want you to help your child become organized with three important tips. 

Storing Items 

When children come home from school, the natural instinct is to leave their backpacks in the entryways and throw their shoes in a random corner. This can be irritating, but also easily fixable through hooks and bins for backpacks and shoes respectively. To store more traditional school supplies, consider what your child brings to school each day. Buying a desk with shelves or drawers is efficient for keeping notebooks in a safe place. Any cup should suffice for storing smaller items such as pens and pencils. In general, you want to help your kids know where to place their belongings to prevent any clutter on the floors.

Creating a Homework Station

The first step towards a productive work period is a functional setup. Writing a daily agenda on a whiteboard pinned to the walls can help them prioritize their tasks. In addition, feel free to purchase a calendar to remind your children of any important dates such as field trips or special events. These tools will help them stay organized which is essential for academic success. 

Strategically placing items provides mental relief during a long work period. Placing your desk in front of a window will improve the balance between natural and artificial light. When your kids need a break from studying, they can open the window for fresh air. In addition, remind your child about their accomplishments by posting successful papers or tests on a bulletin board. A room with life can create a sense of relaxation and calmness during stressful study sessions. You can learn more about designing a custom station here

Declutter the Closet 

Before buying back to school clothes, take everything out of your closet and start categorizing each piece of clothing. This will help you clear out your wardrobe by filtering out apparel that then can be donated. Afterwards, imagine outfits that are compatible with your kid’s current crop of clothes and make a shopping list. Some may prefer a general color scheme whereas others want specific patterns or long-lasting fiber. It is based on your preference which makes this process fun! 

Keep It Simple

Remember that you don’t need to do everything at once. Assess the current situation and decide what needs the most attention. If you ever need tips about creating an efficient setup for your child, book a free consultation with our experts.