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Bring Out Your Inner Chef with the Help of a Custom Kitchen Pantry

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Custom Kitchen Pantry - Organized with Baskets - More Space Place

If you have an inner-chef that’s been waiting to emerge, now is your chance! More time at home means you finally have more time to show off your cooking skills and impress your loved ones. Want to know what one of the most important ingredients every chef needs in their toolbox? Organization. You can’t put your love and focus into delicious dishes if you’re constantly stressing about messy cabinets or missing spices. What better way to get organized than with the custom kitchen pantry of your dreams? At More Space Place, our team can design a custom pantry that serves as the perfect storage solution.

Take a look at these other ingredients an at-home chef needs to make the perfect pantry space.

1. Pullout Shelving

With all of the bread-making you’re probably making, all-purpose flour, salt, and yeast needs somewhere to go! We can help build your custom pullout shelving that makes all of your staple items and cookware easily accessible.

2. Storage Baskets and Bins

Organized Pantry with Baskets - More Space Place

We can add custom baskets to help you group similar items. This way you can easily find what you need the next time you’re whipping something up in the kitchen. All of the canned goods you’ve stocked up on can be placed in one basket, while other staples such as noodles and grains can be placed in another. Pro tip: Label your baskets to save on time and add a nice touch. Choose from our collection of chrome, brass, and oil-rubbed bronze bins.

3. Pantry Dividers

Customize your kitchen pantry even further by having us incorporate dividers on the shelves. Dividers can be used to get more space out of your shelves. You can horizontally stack plates and serving dishes or vertically stand baking pans side-by-side.

4. Spice and Wine Racks

No dish is complete without a dash of the perfect spice and a glass of fine wine. Our team of experts is serving up custom spice and wine racks as the perfect addition to your pantry.

Start Cooking Up Plans for a Custom Kitchen Pantry with More Space Place Today!

More Space Place Showroom - Designed to Meet Your Needs

Save on the delivery food. Invest in a custom kitchen storage solution so you can make amazing dishes today! The team at More Space Place prides itself on offering expert service and high-quality storage solutions. Reach out for a FREE consultation.  

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