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Bringing Out Fall Clothes

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Organized custom closet system.

Kids are headed back to school, the weather is cooling off, and pumpkin spice everything is officially upon us. As summer comes to a close and fall begins, it is time to switch out your favorite sunglasses and sandals for boots and sweaters. Follow these tips on switching up your closet to move into fall easily!

Organization Bins

Using bins to store away unused clothing between seasons helps to keep your closet organized and clean. Using high shelving to hold the bins keeps them out of sight, and makes sure you are not struggling to reach high up items often. You can rotate clothes between every season, making more space in your closet.

Switch Out Shoes

Bringing out fall shoes can pose a problem for your closet. If you don’t have adjustable shelving racks, you may find that your fall shoes do not fit. Installing adjustable shelving allows you to move around your items every season and keep what you will use most in the easiest to access places. 

Rearrange Hangers

Another useful closet flip tip is to rearrange hanging items. Unlike shoes, this usually does not always require a new hanger height. However, moving fall items to the front or center of your closet will make them easier to find and reach for. We have a variety of closet accessories that can also help you get the most out of your closet. 

Use Hampers

For every season, we tend to have specific items that live in bins. If you keep a collection of summer swimsuits, they may take up space in a dresser drawer, much like fall scarves that are not ideal for hanging. Both scarves and swim suits tend to become disorganized in open shelving. Bins and hampers are a great solution. You can have this element built-in to your closet to store away loose items without overwhelming space needed for other clothing and accessories. Utilizing storage bins, the same hamper can be used for different items as the weather changes.

The beginning of the fall can bring in a mix of feelings. While you may be sad to see summer go, there is lots to look forward to in this cool and cozy season. Make the most of it in your home and take advantage of an easily organized custom closet. If it is time for your closet to get an upgrade, we have the solution for you to make the most out of your home. Reach out to your local More Space Place today to get started!