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Building Storage Systems That Work Year-Round

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The holidays may only come once a year, but they still manage to take up a lot of physical space in our homes. Even the most organized person can find themselves scrambling over the holidays—trying to figure out who put what where this time last year. And once it’s all located, how do we provide space for everything to be on display without creating a sense of holiday chaos. Here are a few of our favorite More Space Place tips to help you build systems of organization that will work for you year-round.

1. Prep For “The Undecorating”

Our first step to seasonal decorating is preparing for the inevitable: the undecorating. Until that magical time of the year when our Holiday decorations are allowed to take over our homes, the knickknacks and string lights will likely need a place to live that’s well out of plain sight. But don’t go stuffing things wherever they fit! The best way to stay organized from one holiday to the next is to build one or several designated spaces where all of the decorations can be stored neatly. This starts with planning and thinking ahead. How can we do this effectively? Well, let’s explore that in the next step.

2. Take Inventory

That’s right. Time to go through everything you’ve got that’s holiday-related. Take inventory of the holiday decorations, staple pieces, and the tools you already have to keep them together in the off-season. For those of us who’ve been accumulating stuff over the years, it’s a big task. But this part can be fun too! If it’s been a while since you last took stock of your decorations, you’ll probably have a lot of little rediscoveries to celebrate along the way.

3. Future-Proof Your Storage System

Now that you know what you’re working with, plan for more. Of course, downsizing is an option as well, but it’s always best to make a little extra space than to find yourself lacking it later on. Set aside transparent bins or storage containers labeled specifically after their contents. And if you run into any trouble figuring things out from here, know that our experts are here to help! Here at More Space Place, we have storage solutions for every imaginable setup and can custom design closets or other unique storage spaces to suit your needs perfectly.

Ready to start getting organized? Get in touch with the team at More Space Place. Contact us today for more information on designs and installations!

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