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Building the Perfect Mudroom

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Custom Mudroom Organization Unit

Custom Mudroom Organization UnitWe put a lot of time into designing the style and flow of our homes, and each room is just as important as the last. A well-designed mudroom can set the tone of your home and encourage organized behavior by inhabitants and guests alike. Here at More Space Place, we provide customized solutions that are stylish, easy to use, and keep clutter under control. Here are a few things that can help create the perfect mudroom!


It is important to have a designated place for shoes, so they don’t end up in a mountain by the door. Cubbies are perfect for tucking them away and keeping the walkway clear. We can install front facing floor cubbies to quickly store shoes, or you can keep everything out of sight with bins and baskets.

Consider multiple cubbies to separate objects by member of your family. This way, you can quickly see whose items are whose and minimize time spent looking for what you need. Furthermore, a muddy soccer cleat will never ruin your favorite pair of work shoes again!


To maximize the usefulness of your cubby space, your mudroom unit can include a sturdy bench right on top. You can easily access the shoes underneath without having to sit on the floor in front of your doorway or strain your knees bending down to pick things up. Use the bench to sit and tie shoes, or use it as a surface to place bigger items that don’t fit in a cubby.


One of the most important additions you need in your mudroom is a coat rack or a set of hooks. This is especially true during rainy months when you want to be able to remove and store your coat upon entry. Hang your jacket visibly by the door, and you’ll never forget to leave the house without it! We can customize hook heights to make sure even the smallest members of your household can reach their coats!


For organizing bulkier items, we can include cabinets in your custom unit. Mudrooms should be able to transition through the seasons. While in the winter you may need to store a box of hats and gloves, in the summer you can use the space for towels and sunscreen to grab on the way to the lake or beach. Cabinets can keep things within reach and easy to find while also making sure your entryway looks organized and clean.

If you want a more organized mudroom, contact your local experts at More Space Place! We have endless materials and sleek designs to choose from to make sure your custom mudroom fits in with the aesthetic of your home. We offer free in-home consultations to measure and design the perfect unit for you. Call us today!