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Child Closet Tips for the Tween-to-Teen Transition

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Colorful custom kids closet with toys

As kids grow, so do their wardrobes. Maximizing your child’s closet takes planning to successfully fit all of their favorite toys, clothes, and everything in between. If you’re stumped on how to make the most of your space, More Space Place has the know-how to create custom closet solutions that not only hold everything your child needs but can grow with them throughout all stages of childhood. Here are some tips when planning for your child’s tween-to-teen closet transition.

Colorful custom kids closet with toys

Decide the space’s use

The first step in the organization process is planning what your child will use their closet for. Are they using it for clothes or do they need space for toys too? How much space should be shelving versus hangers? For a kids’ room, they often need less vertical space for clothes, so more shelving early on can be a more practical use of the space. Planning for these scenarios can help you understand the needs of you and your child at the moment, and plan accordingly to save time and money in the future

Create easy access and use adjustable features

Designing a kids’ closet should include accessibility at the forefront, otherwise, clothes may end up on the ground! Use cubbies, hooks, shelves, and hangers to create a fun and functional closet space that encourages organization. Having specific spaces for items helps keep your child organized, and they can be adjusted to the needs of your child as they grow into their teenage bedroom.

Choose colors that can grow with your child

Color choice can make a kids’ room transition into a teenagers’ room easy. Choosing simple colors, such as white, allow for fun colors to be included through easily replaceable knobs and baskets. These pops of color can be a fun way of personalizing a closet space while leaving room for growth and avoiding major changes in the future.

Include your child in the process

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to include your child in the design process. Whether it is choosing fun knobs or colorful baskets, their input as they grow can give them a sense of ownership in their personal belongings

Whether you are beginning to plan your child’s closet or looking to upgrade in order to fit your teen’s style, More Space Place is here to help with the professional installation of bedroom furniture and custom closets for all ages. Contact us for more info on our installation process!

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