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Choosing Decorative Hardware Doesn’t Need to be Hard

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Whether it’s found in a home office or walk-in closet, top-of-the-line custom cabinetry features beautifully designed and assembled panels, doors, and drawer fronts, finished in a wide variety of colors and natural wood shades. And while the body of the furniture itself catches the eye on its own, it’s most often the decorative hardware that makes a home’s custom cabinetry “pop.”

Knobs, pulls, hinges – these are the decorative hardware pieces that accentuate the look of the furniture. Searching for just the right hinge or knob for a custom cabinetry project typically leads consumers down one of two paths:

Hunting for antiques. Yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets, and boutiques all are spots where a wealth of decorative hardware can be found. Even if you have to buy an old dresser or hutch just to strip off the hinges or pulls for your custom cabinetry, you’re likely to mine some golden hardware nuggets this way.


Shopping for decorative hardware in places like these takes time, of course. What you find will most often be limited in quantity, and be sold as-is, with no warranty. Those with dust allergies probably wouldn’t do well poking around in some antique stores, so use caution!




Shopping at the big box stores. The most obvious advantage to going this route is convenience. Home improvement stores stock a number of decorative hardware options, all under one roof. You’ll save both time and effort shopping this way.

However, your custom cabinetry may lose some of its custom appeal if it’s adorned with hardware available to the masses. Decorative hardware purchased at the big box stores will get the job done, but it’s not likely to capture that one-of-a-kind look you’re going after. Also, you may pay more there than you might when you discover that shabby chic treasure on the antique trail.




Choosing More Space Place® for design solutions. The expert, professional designers at More Space Place will help you get the best of both worlds – a unique style at an affordable cost – for your custom cabinetry project. You’ll be rewarded for patronizing a local small business with unmatched customer service, starting with the complimentary design phase all the way to installation by More Space Place employees, not contractors.

So, what’s so hard about finding great decorative hardware? Nothing, when you let More Space Place do the legwork for you!