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Closet Storage Systems and Your Complimentary Designer!

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Whether it’s a garage organizing system, a Murphy bed installation, or one of a variety of closet storage systems, the space-saving solutions offered by More Space Place® are not do-it-yourself kits packaged in a box.  Every More Space Place store treats each installation as a unique opportunity for making the homeowner’s dream a reality.

And because no two closet storage systems are created equal, it’s the design phase of a closet project that makes the More Space Place experience so special. The designer listens closely to the customer, and records every notion and desire, whether it’s practical or just a whim; nothing is impossible with custom-built closet storage systems! What’s more, the design of any installation is complimentary, a free service not seen elsewhere in a product line of this quality.

Closet Storage Systems for Him and Her

Jeanette Miller, owner of Lakeland, Florida’s More Space Place store, talked about the design challenges presented to her and her staff by a recent installation of closet storage systems.


“This particular couple, who live in Winter Haven, were returning to us for the third time. We had done garage organizing systems and closet storage systems for them in each of their first two homes, and they had just built a third and wanted us back,” Jeanette said. She met with the couple at their home for the design consultation and measured the project. Among other unique requests, the couple wanted to add crown molding to their 10 ft. high ceilings as part of their closet installation.

Jeanette said, “The high ceiling definitely made it interesting for us as we tried to lay out the materials economically. Not all closet storage systems are like this one, but that’s part of the fun of designing – the uniqueness that we find in each project.”

Indeed, the Winter Haven couple’s custom closet qualifies as unique. In her 20 ft. by 17 ft. section, the wife’s custom closet features a center island with shelving, and drawers to store her collection of sunglasses. One end of her closet holds a 19 inch deep nook for display of her wedding gown. Husband and wife share a love for cowboy hats and boots, and their custom closet is built to accommodate that love. Jeanette chuckled about the enjoyment she got from designing shelving to hold the man’s boots – “he’s a really tall guy, with big feet!”

Complimentary Design, With a Very Satisfying Result

Jeanette Miller gave credit for the Winter Haven project to the heroes who often go unsung: her installers. “We can do complimentary design of closet installations all day long, and overcome all kinds of challenges – on paper,” she said. “The installers have to make the project work in the real world, out in the field. They did an outstanding job on this one; I’d call it one of their best closet storage systems jobs ever.”

And what did the customer think? Jeanette said that about a week after the project was completed, she received a call from the wife. Her message was simple. “Every time I walk into my closet, I cry,” she told Jeanette. “I still cannot believe this is my closet.”