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Common Home Organization Mistakes You Should Avoid

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You might have heard that putting things in a box or cabinet is better than nothing, but just because this idea is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s effective in keeping your home tidy. There are a lot of hidden bad practices out there, which is why the team here at More Space Place has brought you a guide to the most common home organization mistakes. Inside, we’ll not only tell you what not to do, but what to do to avoid these practices while replacing them with organizational practices that work. Let’s dive in!

1: Stuffing Cabinets Without a System

custom cabinets More Space Place

Cabinets are a handy system for organization, but even they can easily cause discord and stress. The problem is that people often stuff their cabinets without any underlying organizational system. The solution is to create a system of organization and sticking to it. One way to start is to imagine that you just purchased new cabinets and want to use them with maximum efficiency.

With that said, we also understand that maintaining an entire organizational system in your head can be difficult. More Space Place offers an array of cabinetry customizations that help bring greater organization and flow to your home, including shelves, pullout drawers, basket inserts, and more. You can see the full selection of what we have to offer here.

2: Prioritizing Form Over Function

A key mantra when it comes to organization is to prioritize function over form. It can be tempting to buy items that look good in magazines or advertisements, like shoe racks and storage bins. While these items can be helpful, you should be careful not to over-use them, since doing so can create more clutter. Committing to function over form forces you to be both realistic and creative when reorganizing. This ultimately results in a space that’s less cluttered and more enjoyable to use.

3: Overstuffing Bookshelves

Bookshelves can act as beautiful display centers for your book collection, trophies and awards, and favorite pieces of art. But when bookshelves are stacked to the nines with all of your possessions, they can start to look more like eye-sores than positive eye-catchers. When it comes to your bookcase design philosophy, you should aim to leave at least 20% of your bookcase or display area completely free. Though this may sound counterproductive, this conscious use of negative space will get rid of the cluttered appearance and instead amplify your displayed items in a more harmonious and pleasant way.

If you doubt your bookcase’s ability to be re-arranged or think you might need a bookcase upgrade, we can help you. At More Space Place, we offer an array of custom bookshelves and other storage systems that we tailor to your storage needs and aesthetic preferences. They can come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes, so we can help you get to whatever space you’re dreaming of.

4: Putting it Off

The hardest part of any cleaning project is getting started. But there’s a positive side, which is that once you complete your first big clean up, cleaning down the road becomes a much less daunting task. Once you start applying these tips, you might even find yourself enjoying the process of cleaning!

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