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Create The Perfect In-Law Suite With A Murphy Bed

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Panel Bed In Sitting Area Folded Down

If your home is tight on space but you still want a comfortable place for your family to stay, a Murphy bed from More Space Place is just what you need. Read on to learn how the addition of a Murphy Bed can create a dual-purpose room in your home that is perfect for when the in-laws come to town.

Say Goodbye To The Single-Purpose Guest Room

As nice as it is to have a designated guest room, most of us only host guests overnight a few times a year. With that being said, and space at a premium in your home, that guest room could be doing so much more for you while it’s vacant.

Panel Bed Folded Up
Panel Bed Folded Down

Altering an existing guest room to double as a home office, gym or media room is a great way to maximize the space of your home. With a Murphy bed, you can keep your guest’s sleeping accommodations concealed when not in use while taking up only a fraction of the space of a conventional bed.

Make Any Room A Guest Room

If not having a spare room is keeping you from having guests over, worry not! The addition of a Murphy bed can turn any room into a guest room. Whether it’s your home office, a sitting room, or a playroom, we can design a Murphy bed to fit the size and design of the room to create a functional and beautiful multi-purpose space.

Panel Bed In Sitting Area Folded Up
Panel Bed In Sitting Area Folded Down

If space is especially tight, a panel bed is a great option. No bigger than a wardrobe, a panel bed is one of our sleekest options, with the entire face of the cabinet folding out and becoming the support for the mattress. If you’ve got the space and would like more functionality, we offer models of Murphy beds with sliding shelves, bi-fold doors, and flanking cabinets allowing you to create a beautiful and unique built-in storage and display system.

If you’ve been inspired to convert your seldom-used in-law suite into a multi-use space or add a guest bed to an existing space in your home, contact More Space Place for a free consultation. Our experts work with you to create storage solutions custom-fit to the space you have!