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Custom Closet Systems Improve Life for the Modern Man

More Space Place Closet

Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man.” So it stands to reason that the place where the man gets made is his closet. A fully-appointed custom closet allows today’s well-dressed gentleman to be his own haberdasher, right in his own home.

Closet Wicker BasketsTake a look inside a dream closet, designed and installed for a metropolitan businessman – call him Hugh R. Dashing. One word to describe Dashing’s closet? It’s orderly. Jackets, shirts, shoes and trousers all have a place and are in their places. A chest of drawers and cabinets with glass doors hold clothing, accessories, and other items that Dashing prefers to keep concealed or out of the way.

Handsome, sleek, affluent. All these terms fit the look of this closet (and perhaps describe Dashing himself, dressed for an evening out). The rich Candlelight Maple finish of the closet’s cabinetry, trim, and crown molding, as well as the stainless steel drawer and cabinet door pulls, all combine to create a beautiful, practical closet organizing system.

But it’s the smart, functional, attractive components of Dashing’s closet that truly set it apart from other custom closets. Take the wicker baskets, for example. They slide forward and back smoothly to make storing and finding items a breeze. The shallow, medium and deep baskets not only accent the rest of the closet’s look, they make it easy for a busy man to organize a variety of his things, too.

Necktie RackWhat about neckties? Keeping his ties visible and easy to reach is a small but important feature of Dashing’s custom closet. The brass tie rack glides out to put his ties at his fingertips, and keeps them hanging straight and wrinkle-free.

Like just about any successful man living and working today, Dashing values his time, because lost time usually equals lost opportunity. There’s simply no time for a man to waste rummaging through a disorganized closet. Custom closets are the way that modern men keep their clothing and accessories neat, accessible, and organized – and in so doing, foster success in everything else they do.