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Design Must-Haves for the Ultimate Kids Bedroom

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Kids custom Murphy bed - More Space Place

Do you find yourself stepping on toys or misplaced items every time you step into your child’s bedroom? Do you wish your child had more space to play and get school work done? We get it. Keeping a child’s room organized is tough. Now is the perfect time to redesign your child’s bedroom for better storage. At More Space Place, we’ll take care of your child’s bedroom storage and organization so your family can spend more quality time together! 

Keep an Organized Wardrobe with a Custom Closet 

Kids Custom Closet - More Space Place

Your child may cycle through clothing quickly as they grow older. This is why you want to invest in a custom closet that can adjust as your child’s style or clothing size changes. This key feature can be customized to fit any space! We offer adjustable hanging rods, shoe racks, baskets, and more. These storage features allow you to neatly keep all of your child’s clothing in one easy-to-reach space.  

Create a Cozy Story-Time Corner 

It’s important to create a space dedicated to quality time between you and your child. A cozy reading corner will not only encourage reading but also make story-time special. We offer custom bookshelves and cubby space to store all of your child’s favorite bedtime stories. You can also choose to incorporate a small custom desk to serve as a homework corner during the day.  

A Place to Showcase Artwork and Achievements 

During the school year, your kids bring home a lot of artwork and are sure to collect achievement awards along the way. Support your children by putting their best work on display! We offer custom shelving for your child’s bedroom that is perfect for creating a little inspiration wall!  

Open up the Play Space with Murphy Beds 

Kids Murphy Bed - More Space Place

Another great feature you must incorporate into the design of your child’s room is a quality custom-made Murphy bed. Murphy beds are also known as wall beds and are hinged on one end so that they can easily open and close. These beds are typically concealed behind a bookshelf, but we also build wall beds that are incorporated into desks or even sofas. Murphy beds are safe to use and allow for a bigger play space throughout the day!  

Start Planning Your Next Storage Project Today! 

See for yourself why homeowners love working this us! At More Space Place, we offer custom storage solutions for every room in your home. Give us a call today to schedule your FREE consultation! Our team of experts is happy to assist you with all your needs.  

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