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Design & Organization for a Couple’s Bedroom

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Custom Closet Organization

Your bedroom should be the perfect spot to unwind at the end of each day. However, after particularly long days, most of us are guilty of not prioritizing the organization of our rooms. While this is no real crime, it can lead to piles of clothes and clutter that are stressful to clean. When it comes to a room you share with your spouse, you don’t want to create any tension over a disorganized room. Here are some tips and tricks to consider if you share a bedroom.


Shared Closet OrganizationEverything Needs a Home

Keep things separate! Tops of dressers and bathroom counters often become a catch-all for jewelry, spare change, wallets, and more. Personal drawers with custom inserts for these items will keep your surfaces clutter free and ensure that you won’t lose any precious items in the mess.


Pick a Side

Split your closet in half and designate shelving or racks for you and your partner. This will help eliminate clothes, shoes, and accessories from getting mixed up. It is also likely that you have different wardrobes and your ideal closets may not match up. Consider a custom closet from More Space Place to really personalize your organization. Choose the features you each need most and we’ll make the layout sleek and easy to use.


Custom Closet OrganizationTime to Sort Laundry

Many people have different laundry habits or quirks. While your partner may throw everything into the same load, you might have specific color washes and want nice shirts to be line-dried. Personal laundry baskets will avoid the awkward moment when you ruin an item of clothing because you forgot to read the tag. We can build pullout hampers directly into your custom closet to make sure that your items end up where they are supposed to.


Set Your Expectations

This is a shared space. Make sure your partner knows how you like the room to be kept and compromise when a disagreement comes up. Making your room easy to navigate and organized will keep your space clutter and frustration-free. Furthermore, you’ll be much more relaxed in a tidy room than one that needs to be cleaned every day.


If you are interested in redesigning your bedroom or finding organizational solutions in your closet, kitchen, or other shared space, More Space Place can help. Find a location near you and get started with a free consultation!


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