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Designing a Custom Closet With You In Mind

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Custom Closet with More Space Place

The best way to streamline your morning routine and keep a more organized living space is to customize your closet. By systematically arranging your closet space, you will avoid the frustration of not finding what you need, and save time putting everything away at the end of the day. Here are some tips and tricks from More Space Place that you should consider when designing your custom closet.


Custom Closet from More Space PlaceAdjustable Racks

Closets with fixed clothing racks or shelves don’t account for a changing wardrobe. Through the year, we are likely to be using different types of clothing. While we may need more shelving for bulky sweaters in the winter, our summer dresses need ample hanging space to avoid getting wrinkled. Adjustable layouts will ensure that your closet can adapt to your needs year-round.


Built-in Drawers

Most bedrooms have both a closet and a dresser. Not only does this waste space with extra furniture, it also breaks up your clothing and makes you more disorganized. If half of your clothes are in one place and the other half in another, you will be spending more time trying to organize and separate your items. With a custom closet from More Space Place, we can build drawers straight into your closet so everything you need is in one place.


Jewelry Organization More Space PlaceJewelry Drawers & Surface Space

The tops of our dressers offer a great surface area for décor and organization, yet it is rarely used properly. It becomes a catch-all for jewelry, change, and miscellaneous items. Your closet should use organizers to avoid this clutter. Request shallow drawers with jewelry pad inserts to collect and protect your valuable accessories. Larger jewelry inserts can keep chunky necklaces or belts, while dishes and trays can keep the clutter contained.


Open Storage

Open storage is an organizational trick that you’ve probably been using since grade school. Cubbies and shoe racks provide easy access to the things you need without having them scattered around the room. You’ll be able to see the items and limit the time searching in the morning. To make sure these open cubbies don’t become a cluttered eyesore, consider using matching baskets that create a very clean and mature look.


First and foremost, a closet should serve your needs. Whether you need more storage areas, floor space, or hanging space, More Space Place has the solution. Contact us for a free in-home design consultation to start building the perfect custom closet!