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Designing a Dual Function Guest Room

Designing a Dual Function Guest Room

When it comes to designing your home, the guest bedroom is often overlooked. But now is it the time to take action and give the spare room a second thought. It’s not just a place for your friends and family to rest while visiting, it can also be transformed into a multi-use room that you and your guests can enjoy.

Some of the most popular dual functions for a guest room are home office, craft room, workout room, or storage space. Our designers at More Space Place can custom design closets, Murphey beds, wall desks and more to match your organizational and style needs.

Keep it Clean & Cozy

The best guest rooms are uncluttered and cozy just like the rest of your home. When guests are over, they’ll need space to store their luggage and most likely closet or cabinet space for clothes. Installing a Murphy Bed with attached cabinets and shelving provides extra places to store belongings and also frees up floor space for other activities. Your guests will love being able to wake up to a clean room free of clutter.

More Space = More Opportunities

You can create space by utilizing a Murphy Bed so guests have the freedom to use the room for more than just sleep. Adding a small desk provides a space to check emails, chat on the phone, or read a book. With the extra floor space, you can practice your yoga flows or do a quick workout. If you’d rather craft than work on the computer, switch out the small desk for a sewing desk. Once you have an idea for the secondary function for your spare room, reach out to More Space Place for an in-home consultation.

Get Started Today!

Sometimes when a room pulls double duty, keeping it organized and uncluttered can be a challenge. That’s why More Space Place offers custom closets, Murphy bests, and desks. Visit a showroom near you or contact us to book a free, in-home consultation and estimate with our professional design experts. Our design professionals will help you create the perfect guest room you’ve always dreamed of. 

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