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Designing a Reach-In Closet

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More Space Place Reach In Closet

More Space Place Reach In Closet

Not every home has the space for a custom walk-in closet. If this is the case for you, it’s even more important to take advantage of every inch of space you do have. Fortunately, with the customized features we provide for any closet style here at More Space Place, you can transform a crowded reach-in to a spacious and organized closet. Let’s take a look.

Hanging Rods

The reach-in closet default is a single, long clothing rod and maybe a shelf or two above it for storage. However, those top shelves are often too tall to access on a daily basis. Maximize the height of your closet by installing a pull-down clothing rack. This will give you double the amount of hanging space for your clothes, and everything will be easy to reach. This closet feature is best for those looking to utilize vertical storage for dresses and suits, or people who have delicate tops that shouldn’t be folded.

More Space Place Custom ClosetShelving and Racks

Now that you’ve figured out to hang more of your clothes, it’s time to think about shelving. Shelves are good for bulky sweaters and jeans that can be easily stacked. Here at More Space Place, we can build shelves and racks at customized heights to make room for all the unique items in your closet. We can also create adjustable shelving units that allow you to modify the layout season by season and as your wardrobe changes. Not only is shelving more convenient for certain wardrobe items, but it also gives your closet a more dynamic design.

Custom Cabinetry

To create a really sleek feel in your reach-in closet, you should consider adding custom cabinetry. More Space Place retailers can customize the material, color, and design of your closet to perfectly match your aesthetic and lifestyle. Whether you need deep storage drawers, organized shoe racks, or velvet-lined jewelry drawers, we can build the closet of your dreams! There’s no reason for anyone to feel passionate about their bare-minimum closet, but these unique features can change that. The personal touches we can add to your closet will help you reduce visual clutter and stay organized all year long.  

Make the most of every inch in your reach-in closet with the help of the experts at More Space Place. We offer free in-home design consultations to look at your closet and discuss the options available for you. Get started today by giving us a call or finding a location near you.


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