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Designing the Perfect Laundry Room

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A laundry room organized with the help of baskets from More Space Place

Laundry is a part of life. Americans wash several hundred million loads of laundry every week, and yet laundry rooms are often given less design attention than the rest of the house.

At More Space Place, we strive to maximize your laundry room’s functionality with ergonomically-designed storage solutions that you’ll love. We asked our experts for their favorite laundry room tips and tricks – read on for their recommendations to help you design your perfect laundry room!

A laundry room organized with the help of baskets from More Space Place


Baskets can serve a variety of functions in the laundry room: a hamper for dirty clothes, a delivery method for clean ones, or a receptacle for cleaning supplies. Baskets also have the benefit of mobility and can be pulled out for quick access. We love baskets because they make organizing laundry simple, reduce wasted floor space, and eliminate tripping hazards.

However, not all baskets are created equal. Consider custom baskets in chrome, brass, or oil-rubbed bronze to add an elevated sense of style and sophistication to your home.


Tired of walking face-first into hanging clothes? Want to hide dirty laundry from visitors or guests? Consider adding adjustable dividers to break up space or conceal unwanted eyesores. Perhaps you can use dividers to separate a dry folding station from a drip-dry clothing rack, or place dirty clothes hampers away from view.


A laundry room organized with the help of cabinets from More Space Place

Cabinets are a great storage option for any room, and the laundry room is no exception. Inserting custom wall cabinets allows homeowners the option to store cleaning products out of sight and out of mind, reducing clutter on countertops that can instead be used to hold laundry baskets or serve as a folding station.


Open shelving is a great laundry room storage addition for items that you would prefer to display instead of hiding in a cabinet. Open shelving eliminates wasted space by providing easy access to washroom products such as stain remover, fabric softener, or detergent.

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