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Don’t Let Clutter Take Over Your Garage or Workshop

Garage storage systems are a relatively recent invention, especially when compared with the cars, lawn equipment, tools, and other household goods that garages are meant to contain. If garage storage systems had been available a long time ago, like the ones offered today by More Space Place®, the state of this garage might have been prevented!

Garage Clutter

It’s never too late to save any garage, of course. Garage storage systems can be designed and built for brand-new residential construction, but they also can be retrofitted into older, existing garages. In the extreme case of this garage, it’s easy to see that some decisions first need to be made to identify and dispose of junk, and sell useful but no-longer-needed items. Once those things are done, hope does indeed remain for problem garages like this one.

A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place

How does a garage or workshop deteriorate to such a cluttered, disorganized state? For one thing, it happens over time – neglect and procrastination like this take most of us years to achieve! The messiness really is just the result of lacking the right storage in your garage to organize the things that belong there. Garage storage systems are the way to solve this problem.

Garages typically become the catch-all for a crazy mix of all sorts of household items. From Christmas decorations to lawn chemicals, hand tools to hardware, and power equipment to sporting goods, a neglected garage can begin to look more like a Wal-Mart store after an earthquake. It doesn’t have to be this way. Garage storage systems by More Space Place create the space and the place for everything your garage contains.

Garage Storage Systems Can Even Make Space for…

Getting organized in the garage or workshop the “More Space Place way” always starts with custom design – these garages are not created from do-it-yourself kits. Cabinets and wall panels are measured, built, and professionally installed according to the needs and nuances of each garage’s construction. From there, storage accessories of every shape, style, and purpose imaginable are added to these garage storage systems, always with the homeowner’s specific needs in mind.  

Clean Garage
Source: Flickr

The end result of an organized garage, designed and installed by More Space Place, is one where you can find the things you’ve stored, move around without tripping, and get indoor or outdoor projects started. You will reclaim useful space in your home that you may have given up on.

And let’s not forget the main reason homes have garages in the first place: parking! Join the multitudes of More Space Place customers who have used garage storage systems to recover storage space for their cars. In addition to the security and protection from the elements you gain for your automobiles, you’ll enjoy the pleasure and convenience that goes along with garage parking. You’re going to like it!