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Eco-Friendly Organizing Tips

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Woman organizing clothes into a donation box

There are few better feelings than a freshly organized home. You can finally get all of your clutter out of the way and maybe even find that thing you lost months ago! However, organizing often feels like a wasteful task with how much stuff you end up throwing out. At More Space Place, we can make sure organizing does not feel that way. With customizable storage solutions, you can utilize the space in your home like never before. To start, here are our tips on decluttering in an environmentally friendly way to help you get organized today!

Woman organizing clothes to be donated


The first step is to not throw anything out at all. When you organize your things into “Keep” and “Trash” piles, take a thorough second-look through that “Trash” pile. Often times those items will still be useful in other capacities in and around your home. These items may often be small things, but they add up over time. Consider using old T-shirts you would throw away as rags in your garage or cleaning out old candle holders and using them as jars. There are many ways you can repurpose items, so get creative with it!


Rather than immediately throwing things in the garbage or taking things to the dump, see if you can donate your goods to a charity or second-hand store. This is usually done with old clothes that still may be in quality condition, but larger items like sporting equipment, electronics, and furniture can also be donated. Not only are you helping the environment, but you are also giving your items a second life and letting someone else enjoy them.


Recycling may seem obvious, but there are still many items that don’t make it in the bin. Often time when you are decluttering, you’ll utilize cardboard boxes and bags to hold your things. Cardboard can almost always be recycled and even old grocery and shopping bags can be repurposed as small garbage bags. When you are doing large-scale cleaning, it may be easy to forget to recycle, but make sure you keep it up!

Responsibly Dispose

Electronics are a tricky thing to get rid of. With how fast technology moves, oftentimes you are stuck with old models that are no longer useful or aren’t in working order. You may hold on to them “just in case”, but when it comes time to throw them out, they can’t even be sold or donated. Rather than throwing them away, research electronic recycling centers near you. These places will sustainably dispose of your old electronics so you don’t have to worry about all of the fuss.

Get Started Today

The hardest part of organization is staying organized. More Space Place can help with just that by providing storage solutions for any room in your home. Whether you need to declutter your garage, closet, laundry rooms, and more, we have customizable answers for you. See why homeowners love working with us and contact us today for a FREE consultation!

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