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Essential Autumn Closet Organization Tips

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Woman sorting fall clothes in closet

Saying goodbye to summer can be a bittersweet moment. Though weekends at the lake and camping trips have come to an end, fall brings with it a host of fun activities. As you get ready for fall apple picking and pumpkin carving, put away your summer clothes and get your closet ready for fall. At More Space Place, we specialize in custom closet storage, closet organization accessories, and more. Check out some of our tips on getting your closet ready for fall.

Woman sorting fall clothes in closet

Closet Switch

With chilly mornings and shortening days in the forecast, it’s time to pack up your summer clothes and put warmer clothing onto the hangers and into the dresser. As you fold, organize, and store your summer clothes, keep an eye out for any outfits you didn’t wear over the summer. Chances are, if you didn’t wear it this year, you won’t need it next year either- collect lightly used items for donation to a clothing drive, thrift store, or charity shop. Clothing and accessories that you do decide to keep should be folded carefully to avoid wrinkling. When you’re satisfied with your packing, don’t forget to label boxes and storage totes with the contents to find everything in the spring.

Divide and Conquer

Organizing fall clothes brings another set of challenges. Try to section off portions of your closet specifically for sweaters and coats so you can quickly find your fall favorites. Dividing up your closet space will help you decide what to wear in the morning and put together fabulous fall fashion looks. Our designers can build custom closet storage to keep all of your best outfits fresh, wrinkle-free, and ready for anything that fall weather has to offer.

Shoe Swap

An often-overlooked part of seasonal wardrobe changes is what we wear on our feet. Women’s fall footwear doesn’t usually include sandals, open toed shoes, or platform heels. For men, loafers and boat shoes are replaced by stylish boots and sneakers. Try shoe fences to keep your fall footwear organized and in place, while your spring and summer collection can be packed into plastic storage boxes and stored in an armoire, chest, or cabinet out of sight.  

Complete Closet System

If your closet is too far gone, consider a full closet organization system. Contact your local More Space Place professionals for a design consultation. We strive to provide high-quality custom storage solutions for every room in your home.

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