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Expecting A Second Child? How to Maximize the Space In One Room For Two Children

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Two little boys resting and have fun indoors in the bedroom together.

Adding a new baby to the family is thrilling! But if your kids will eventually be sharing a room, you may worry about fitting everything in. With some creative solutions, you can maximize space for two children in one bedroom.

Rethink Existing Furniture

Take stock of what furniture is currently in the room. Could any pieces be adapted to serve a double duty purpose? A crib that converts to a toddler bed will continue to get use for several years. Choose a dresser with a changing table topper that can be removed later or used for toy storage. Consider investing in furniture that evolves with your kids, like beds that adjust from toddler to twin size. A desk could include storage bins that pull out from underneath. Get creative about multipurpose furniture that grows with your children!

Evaluate Storage Options

With two kids sharing the space, sufficient storage is a must. Clutter will quickly take over without enough spots to organize all the toys, books, clothes and more. Closet organization systems can double hanging capacity and ensure items are easily accessible. Labels and kid-height rods also help little ones put things away properly. For toys, look for shelving units and bins designed with organization in mind. Baskets and bins cam corral smaller items. Make sure storage furniture isn’t so high that your children can’t use it independently.

Embrace Vertical Real Estate

Children’s rooms are often wider than they are tall. Take advantage of vertical wall space to expand usable square footage. Wall-mounted shelves and ledges create extra surface area for books, displays and more. Floating cabinets provide hidden storage. Decorative hooks on the walls corral coats and bags. Bunk beds with desks or drawers underneath use vertical space efficiently. You’d be amazed how going up expands possibilities!

Keep Traffic Flow in Mind

With two children sharing tight quarters, congestion can easily occur. Minimize bottlenecks by planning smart furniture placement and traffic flow. Position beds and dressers, so kids can move freely on either side. Place toy storage near the center of the room for easy access. Access to the closet should be direct, without obstacles in the way. Discourage dead ends in the room layout. Your designer can help map out a layout suited for two.

Making one room work for two growing children just takes some strategic planning and smart solutions. The end result will be a shared space both kids can comfortably enjoy. If you’re in search of local organization experts, check out your nearest More Space Place. Our customized systems make the most of all available space within your home. With the right design approach, you can create a stylish, organized oasis for your kids to thrive in together!