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Five Ways to Declutter with Closet Organization Systems

Closet Organization Systems

Many of us are guilty of standing in front of the closet and saying we have nothing to wear. But chances are it’s not because you don’t own the right clothing or accessories. It’s more likely you just can’t find what you’re looking for.

Using closet organization systems with these five simple steps will help you reduce the clutter, and make getting dressed easier.

1.       Get rid of it. Start with deciding which articles of clothing, shoes, and accessories you actually wear regularly and which you can live without. As a general rule, if you haven’t worn it in at least a year, you probably won’t wear it again. Some fashionistas will even go as far as recommending six months, so decide what you’re comfortable with and start that donation pile ASAP.

Easy to Reach Storage2.       If the shoe fits. If your shoes wind up on your closet floor, you need a better strategy. Custom closet organization systems allow you easy access to the shoes you wear all the time while providing storage for pairs of seasonal or special occasion shoes. You can even keep the original boxes; just attach a picture of the shoes to the front of the box to make it easier to find the perfect pair in a hurry.

3.       Hang it up. Simply hanging up your clothes is the easiest way to get organized. Arrange your clothing by type and color. A low rod is best for hanging shirts and skirts; an eye level pole, dresses; and a high bar for suits or formal gowns. Then take it a step further and hang garments in the same color family together. Arranging your clothes by color improves the appearance of your closet, and it makes it easier to choose the appropriate outfit.

Access the Accessories4.       Shelve it. The rest of your clothing needs to be stored in places that are easy to reach and don’t require you to do a lot of digging. Closet organization systems allow you to have custom-built shelves and drawers designed specifically to fit the variety of items you have while using every square inch that’s available.

5.       Access the accessories. Hats. Purses. Belts. Ties. Scarves. Jewelry. No matter what your favorite accessory is, you have to be able to see it before you can decide whether or not to wear it. Having easy access to all of those accessories makes putting the final touches on your outfit easier while saving you time.