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Food War: How to Win the Battle for Space against Your Pantry

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For many of us, our pantry is a problem—an abyss of long forgotten grocery store purchases. With every new food item that passes through its doors, another item gets pushed farther and farther into the back.  Never fear, pantry solutions are here!

Pantries can be small. Having a well-organized pantry starts with utilizing the space that you do have. Corners are a repeat offender when it comes to taking up needed space. A Corner Lazy Susan can help you reclaim that space. You can stack multiple Lazy Susan units in your corners allowing you to find what you need quickly.

Shelves that are too high up can also be space wasters. Adjustable shelves and dividers accommodate any height so you’ll never have to struggle to reach the top shelf. Pullout shelving and baskets are great resources for quick access to the things you use most. Wine and spice racks keep your favorite ingredients within sight and neatly organized.

Imagine a peaceful pantry- one that is open, inviting, and hassle-free. With More Space Place’s customizable pantry solutions, your dream can finally be a reality. Start your home organization where good things in your house begin: the kitchen! Style and Organization are our superpowers and our designer superheroes are here to help. Call, click, or stop by a local showroom today and declare war on your pantry woes!