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Four Reasons to Add a Murphy Bed

Home office Murphy bed

Here at More Space Place, we want to help you get the most out of each room in your home. While in the master bedroom, you’ll likely want an elegant and stationary bed frame, there are many other rooms in your home that could benefit from a Murphy bed. The easy to use and stylish designs you’ll find at More Space Place can help maximize the functionality of your home and make more room for guests, activities, and productivity. Take a look below for four of the biggest benefits Murphy beds provide.

Home office Murphy bed

Multipurpose Room 

The most obvious benefit of a Murphy bed is the ability to turn your space into a multipurpose room. If you don’t have enough rooms for the home office you need, the guest room you dream of having, and the playroom for your little ones, you need a Murphy bed! Customize the room with a spacious desk, reading nook, or shelving for toys, all with a cozy bed tucked away. Browse our most popular models to start designing the perfect spare room.


Extra Storage

With each of our Murphy bed units, there is the ability to attach custom storage. Do you have miscellaneous items you’d like to keep out of sight but easy to find? Consider elegant cabinetry that matches your décor perfectly. Have you always wanted a bookshelf, but haven’t had any space for it? Our Jefferson library bed has bookshelf doors that split down the middle and slide to the side to reveal the bed inside. These models make the most of your space without creating a cluttered look. From home offices to bedrooms, we can build the type of storage you need.


Free Up Floor Space

It’s great to have the ability to offer your guests an extra bed, but you might not always want your space to be taken up by a bulky piece of furniture. The beauty of a Murphy bed is that you can bring it down and use it when you need it, and keep it out of sight when you don’t. Your spare room doesn’t always have to be a guest room, and you can keep the floor space clear for other activities.

Murphy beds are also perfect for children’s bedrooms where they can use the free floor space. Simply stow the bed in the morning and keep the room as open as their imaginations! It’s also a great way to encourage tidying at the end of each day since the bed can’t rest on a messy floor.

Kids Murphy Bed Murphy Bed for Kids



When you have guests staying overnight, you don’t want to offer them a pullout couch or, worse yet, an air mattress to sleep on. Give them a restful night by upgrading your home with a Murphy bed. Many people associate Murphy beds with an uncomfortable, springy mattress. While the original models may have lacked the comfort we look for today, More Space Place has partnered with Serta to develop a line of comfortable mattresses specifically designed for vertical storage. We carry models and mattresses that range from twin to California king, so no matter the size of your space, we can accommodate a stylish Murphy bed.


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