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Four Ways to Maximize Your Guest Room

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guest room with a wall bed system and office

At More Space Place, our readers know we are not merely about gaining space, but also maximizing the use of that space. One room in many homes that are often left either mostly unused or woefully cluttered is the guest room. There is no reason savvy homeowners can’t turn their guest bedrooms into functional multi-purpose hubs! It’s your home, after all – why not enjoy it? Roll up your sleeves, dust away the cobwebs, and turn your guest bedroom into something clever and valuable beyond its normal use. guest room with a wall bed system and office

The Guest Office

If you find yourself cramming office supplies into a dining area or living room, this one’s for you. Guest bedrooms are the perfect place to set up a home office for daily work. Murphy beds are a highly efficient way to save on space, quickly folding down and providing comfy guest sleeping arrangements when you have company overnight. As soon as they leave, fold the beds up and get back to work!

If you don’t have access to our custom range of Murphy beds, a work desk can be placed between two beds for a slightly more snug office workspace. When you have guests, the desk doubles as a nightstand! Now that’s efficient.

The Guest Nursery

A new baby in the home is anything but efficient, but you can still maximize your guest bedroom by including a crib and other nursery essentials. The guest bed can double as a sleeping arrangement for sleepy parents who need to rest in the nursery at night, in case the baby is likely to need immediate attention. The crib can be removed or tucked into a corner during guest visits. Additionally, a fold-out desk can triple as a changing table, nightstand, or guest desk. Just make sure you cover it with some fabric before changing diapers on it!

The Guest Library

custom bookcase murphy bed in dark wood finish

Avid literature fans know how it goes — your book collection threatens to overwhelm the house, growing with every excited and well-meaning visit to the bookstore. Remedy this situation with a guest library, complete with custom shelving for book organization. A guest room with a library around the walls sure can be cozy, and if you get to show off your smart book collection, that’s okay too! If your guest bedroom features a nook, this is a great opportunity for a reading nook/guest bed double. Alternatively, try our murphy bed bookcase model for rooms tight on space.

The Double Closet

No matter your particular use of the guest room, they can always benefit from a dual-use closet. Divide guest room closets into halves, and use one for guest room favors like towels, snacks, or even mini fridges! The other half can be used to hang or stash guest clothing so that they don’t have to dig through baggage as they decide what to wear for the day.

We Are Your Space Maximizers!

Modifying homes for new and improved use is just part and parcel of what we do here at More Space Place. From foldout fixtures like beds and desks to custom cabinetry for your personal storage, there is no space we can’t transform. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation with no obligation, and let us light the way to your new, organized lifestyle.

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