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Getting Organized With A Custom Pantry

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After a long day of work, the last thing you want to deal with is deciding what to make for dinner. Rooting around in cabinets and drawers for everything you need, only to discover you’re missing some key ingredient. Or when you’re unpacking from a grocery run, trying to figure out where to put everything can be a hassle, capping off an already tedious task. An organized space is essential for making kitchen tasks fun and therapeutic, rather than a daily chore. Read on to see how a custom pantry from More Space Place can change the game for you and your family!

Stocking Up

Running to the store multiple times a week is just one more errand you could do without. Having the space to stock up on non-perishable ingredients can make your trips to the grocery store quicker and less frequent. More Space Place offers shelving and dividers custom-fit to the space you have. perfect for boxes and cans. Shelving also gives you the option to store bulk buys like paper products and cleaning supplies out of the way but still where they’re easily accessible. No more running out to the garage for more paper towels, or trying to squeeze that value pack under the sink!

Custom pantry with pull out shelving, wine & spice racks,

Specialized For Your Needs

Whether you’ve got a sizable wine collection, some growing kids always in need of a snack, or both, More Space Place has got you covered! With custom-fit wine and spice racks, you can see what you have at a glance, and what you need to restock. Gone are the days of pulling out every bottle to find that one spice you need, only to be all out of it. For the snackers in your home, pull-out shelving and baskets can make great self-serve snack dispensers. They can be located low enough for little hands to help themselves, or up high to keep your secret stash out of reach.

Although out of sight, your pantry has a huge impact on you and your families day to day lives. An unorganized pantry is a headache you don’t need to live with. Contact More Space Place for a free consultation and make your pantry work for you. Our experts create storage solutions custom-fit to your existing space!